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It is refreshing, attractive, and pleasant, and has an appealing contemporary touch.

We offer a fully customized LED module service or can supply automotive grade LEDs to meet both the customer/vehicle OEM requirements with regards to brightness and colors.

Mood lighting in cars is refreshing, attractive, and pleasant, and has an appealing contemporary touch. Light individually matched to you as a car driver. Whether young or old, male or female – thanks to LED, everyone can design a personal lighting atmosphere in their own car.
LED’s can be used to create mood/comfort lighting in many vehicles – foot well’s, ceiling, door handles, central consoles and treadplates. Fitted by the OEM’s or aftermarket, the applications for ambient lighting seem endless.

Harmonized Lighting: Leaders in full vehicle integration of ambient lighting with decorative trim–from door trim, to instrument panel, seat back, speaker grille, map pocket and console.

Lit Door Spears: Sophisticated indoor atmosphere created by indirect lighting. Multiple colors available through LIN communication. Transmissive PVD allows for chrome appearance during the day, ambient lighting at night.

Backlit Trim: Soft, indirect interior lighting through light string illumination. Let us integrate multiple features, such as in-mold decoration (IMD), specialized paint and ambient lighting to provide a luxurious look and feel to the trim.

IP Lamp: Consistent lighting created by using a light string and decoration. Coordinate lighting with door panels, speaker grilles, consoles and map pockets for that harmonized look.

Center Console: LIN controlled RGB LEDs accent the console, providing aesthetic appeal along with moving towards the trend of connecting light with driver emotions.

Airbag Emblems: We offer a wide range of OEM approved chrome finishes, including bright, satin, black and Galvano, as well as multiple colors and finish combinations available in paint over chrome.

Bezels: Coordinate color and finish with the airbag emblem or decorative trim on the instrument panel and console.

Instrument Panel: Decorative trim pieces in both standard injection molding and 2-shot process.

Console Lid Handle: Class A decorative trim is visual; thus, a critical area for high-quality functional fit and finish.

Illuminated Cup Holder: Constructed with a light string that wraps around the cup holder, then is backlit through bright chrome metalization.

Illuminated TGS Indicator (PRNDL): TGS Cover Assembly development and production, use of in-house designed circuit minimizes the number of LEDs required.